My Work at Home Story

Woman In Home Office With Computer Using Telephone SmilingI want to welcome you to my work at home tips blog.  I started this blog to provide tips and advice to people who are considering working from home, or already work from home.  I also plan to share other people’s work at home stories in this blog.  I wanted to start,  however, but sharing my own work at home story. I started working from home in 2003.  Back then, I had been working part-time at a clothing store. My hours were very sporadic, however, and the money I was making barely covered what I spent on gas to get back and forth to work.  I knew I had to find a job where I could make more money.  I found my first work at home job with West Telemarketing (now called West at Home).  I took inbound calls from people who were ordering different things. I worked on lines such as Home Shopping Network, Pizza Hut, and another company called Direct Response, which I took calls from people who were calling in response to different infomercials.  I loved working for West Telemarketing because I could work my own hours, work as many hours as I want, and there were no taxes taken out of my check – I was an independent contractor. My job with West Telemarketing ended after about 8 months, however.  Luckily, I had another work at home job lined up.  This one was with Onsite Sourcing, which was a company that provided data entry work.  I was an employee with Onsite, however the work was very sporadic.  I worked for them on and off for about 3 years, until they went bankrupt and the company that bought them decided  not to use people who worked from home anymore.

I’ve worked for many other companies since then, such as Sterling Testing Systems, a company I worked for as an independent contractor making outbound calls to companies and schools so I could perform background checks on people, Onpoint Advocacy, where I called people who lived in different Congressional districts to find out where they stood on different political issues.  The list goes on and on.  I currently take inbound calls for a company called Apptical.

In addition to all the phone jobs I’ve worked, I’ve also made some additional money doing freelance writing and transcription from home.  I‘ve included links to some of my freelance writing profiles so you can see some of the articles I’ve written. Over the past 11 years I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to work from home, and I’ve also written extensively about it.  I plan to share what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, through the posts I’ll be writing in this blog.  If there’s anything specific you’d like to me to cover, please feel free to comment below.